Online Basic Income Tax Course


Federal Online: Basic Tax School

The Basic Online Tax School covers the Federal Tax System for personal returns.  This program is designed for completing the program on your own.  It consists of 18 chapters of federal content. All content is required and includes videos, reading material, classwork, homework, and chapter reviews. This course is progressive where the next piece of content becomes available after completion of the prior content. After moving forward, you can always review prior material, however, you cannot skip any content or jump forward.

Student set includes a set of 4 books:

Volume 1 – 1-11 chapters of instruction

Volume 2 –12-20 chapters of instruction

Volume 3-Homework book (2 books)


If you would like to prepare taxes in the state of California you must purchase the California 60 Hour Qualifying Education Basic Tax Course instead of this course.  


  • The Basic Tax Course offers you the opportunity to participate in 13 recorded online sessions taught by a knowledgeable instructor. During each three-hour session, our instructor will guide you through the fundamentals of Form 1040 individual income tax preparation.

    Requirements for course completion are attending the 45-hours of training and passing each quiz and the final exam with a score of 70% or above. Certificates will be issued to students who successfully complete the course in states that allow us to do so.

    Includes UPS Ground Shipping for the books (upgraded shipping available for an additional fee).

    Please Note: 

    Someone must be available to accept your UPS delivery. If  no one is able to accept the package, UPS will reattempt the delivery two more times for a total of three delivery attempts. After the third delivery attempt your order will be sent back to the warehouse and you will be billed the shipping charges to have the books reshipped to you